Dried Cranberries

Whole Dried Cranberries are an absolute essential when it comes to healthy snacking. The reasons are simple. Cranberries don’t just make a filling and satisfying pop-in-the-mouth option. They boost antioxidant levels in your body and deliver better urinary health. Use them as a topping for your salads, or mix them up simply with other nuts to experience their slightly tarty flavour. You can include them in muffin recipes or just consume them with your cereals.

Dried Cranberries (Sliced)

Want a tarty, fruity flavour for your cookies or yogurt? Planning to pleasantly stun your family with a surprising chewy and savoury ingredient in their salad or in the cookies you're going to dish out for the weekend? Time to grab a pack full of delicious and vitamin-rich sliced and dried Cranberries to make your family’s snacktime lip-smacking... and, of course, healthy for the heart!

Dried Blueberries

Talk about balanced diet and you can’t leave Blueberries from the discussion. Delight Nuts’ dried version of authentic Blueberries is a superb nutrition booster to any part of your diet. A variegated assortment of flavours from mildly sweet to tarty to tangy, these blue babies are excellent for baking, salads, cereals or even as a stand-alone pop-in. Bursting with nutrients like vitamins K, C and A, backed up with strong fiber content, dried blueberries can promote your overall wellbeing – both physical and mental. Go on, pluck a berry from our pack! Find what the world calls “star berries”.